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Rolly tasker sails

Choosing your new sails is an important decision and a significant financial investment. Differences in sail design, material, cloth weight, cut and options all affect cost, durability and performance. Whatever your sailing passion, Rolly Tasker Sails Australia can provide you with the right solution.

We use 3D modeling design software to ensure optimum sail shape and performance. Your sails are made using the finest cloth and latest techniques then hand finished with premium hardware, extra stitching and reinforcement throughout. Unlike many of our competitors, all of our sails come complete with leech lines and clam cleats, large radial corners, reef patches, tell tales, flo-stripes and extra-large sail bags, at no extra cost.

For Australian conditions, we manufacture two different sail ranges.

Rolly Tasker Coastal Cruising

This sail specification is ideal for recreational cruisers and club racers who look for a combination of durability and performance for boats up to 11 mtrs. The sails are built in a strong Crosscut construction finish with use of extremely densely woven High Modulus Dacron fabrics to ensure durability and shape holding.

 Our standard Coastal Cruising features include:

  • Individual Sail design
  • High Modulus Dacron Crosscut
  • Seams with two rows using UV stabilised thread
  • Pressed rings with webbing
  • Heavy radial patches
  • Strong batten pockets and tapes with double row stitching
  • Mainsails feature nylon glass reinforced headboards with luff hardware shackled on
  • Leech line with Clam Cleat
  • One draft stripe for visual reference of draft position
  • Full rows of Tell-tales
  • Large sail bag

Rolly Tasker Offshore Cruising / Race

Our Offshore specification sails are designed for blue water cruising or offshore racing for boats of all sizes. They are manufactured to a high construction specification to guarantee trouble free long life and performance. They are extremely strong and low in stretch due to choosing the highest quality and tightly woven Dacron available from the world’s leading cloth manufacturers. We recommend this range for boats above 37ft.

Our standard Offshore Cruising / Race features include:

  • Individual Sail design
  • Premium Dacron in Tri-radial or Crosscut High Aspect or Marblehead
  • Seams with three rows zig-zag stitching using UV stabilised thread
  • Stainless steel rings reinforced with webbing and leather over webbing
  • Hand sewn leather reinforcements on wear points
  • Extra heavy radial patches
  • Extra large or double tapes with a minimum of 2 stitching rows
  • Heavy duty batten pockets with Velcro lock or tie in type
  • Mainsails feature alloy headboards and webbed / shackled on luff hardware
  • Low stretch leech line with Clam Cleat
  • Two draft stripes for visual reference of draft position
  • Full rows of Tell-tales
  • Extra large sail bag