• Miss Glamour Puss Yacht Sails
  • Sails custom made for offshore yacht racing
  • Sails used in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race

Yacht in transit

It is standard procedure in most countries that if you have equipment delivered for your yacht whilst visiting a country in which your yacht is NOT registered (e.g. a US registered yacht located in Europe), or yachts visiting a "tax-haven" country (e.g. Gibraltar), they can be purchased for a "Yacht in Transit" which means DUTY-FREE and TAX-FREE.

Rolly Tasker Sails Australia will ship your sails directly to your yacht addressed as "Yacht in Transit". The goods are then cleared by customs for delivery directly to the yacht.

Owing to the large number of sails delivered worldwide from our export sailloft, there is a close working relationship with the UPS courier service, ensuring fast and reliable deliveries worldwide. The local UPS offices are very helpful and can be contacted to confirm details for importing as "Yacht in Transit". In addition, UPS offers a "Track a Package" Internet Service so that one can follow the timing and path of one's sails en route to their delivery address once the sails have left the sailloft.

As a result we can offer a significantly reduced price for sails delivered as "Yachts in Transit".

Payment: 100% payment at the time of ordering.