• Miss Glamour Puss Yacht Sails
  • Sails custom made for offshore yacht racing
  • Sails used in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race

Q: How long will it take to receive my sail after ordering it?

A: Rolly Tasker Sails have one of the largest most efficient sail lofts in the southern hemisphere and can usually deliver to your boat within 28 days of a confirmed order.

Q: How can I be assured I am getting a quality product?

A: At Rolly Tasker Sails Australia we will manage your sail order from the start till your sails are no longer in use. We will consult with you on the best cloth, cloth weight, shape and design of your new sail and pass on this information to our international sail loft. We have extensive experience on a range of boats and can spec the right sail or sail wardrobe for you. Rolly Tasker Sails have been renowned worldwide for their high quality and performance for over forty years. Rolly Tasker Sails only use the best sail cloth from such leading manufacturers as Bainbridge, Contender, Dimension Polyant and Challenge, along with top quality US and European hardware. Naturally all our Sails come with a full warranty.

Q: How do I get accurate measurement’s to order my new sails?

A: We handle this in one of two ways. Firstly we have a large data base of yacht rig and sail dimensions which we can build your sails from. Alternately if you are in the Sydney basin, then we recommend personally measuring your boat at no charge. If you are outside this area and lack your measurements then we will guide you in how to obtain any additional measurements required.

Q: How do I get my sails altered or repaired?

A: If you are based in NSW, we have our own repair loft where all alterations / repairs can be performed on your Sails. Alternatively, we have a wide network of sail lofts across Australia and Rolly Tasker Sails has over 20 other international dealers which can give advise and carry out any work required. At SailSolutions we support you for the life of your sails.

Q: How can you offer me quality sails at cheaper prices?

A: With almost 60 years experience, there are a number of very good reasons. Firstly, due to the large quantity of sails they manufacture, Rolly Tasker Sails has extraordinary buying power to procure the best cloth at the right price. They also make a large portion of there own hardware through Pacific Nylon Plastics. Naturally, as the largest sail loft in the southern hemisphere they have a highly productive and efficient manufacturing operation to deliver to you the best quality product at an extraordinary price.